Our professional staff has a combined 125 years working in the Truss industry.

Rick Ravenscroft joined our company in 1989 and Mike Daniels and Robb Arroyo followed in 1991 bringing their experience to Pacific Continental Truss Inc. 

Our goal has always been to provide quality trusses and personal service to our customers. 

         Some of the services we provide are:

           est1           Budget Estimates

         est3         Value Engineering

        est4     Design Packs for permit processing

         est5      Timely Crane truck delivery

         est2       Certified Crane operators

          est6        Third party truss inspections


Our commitment is to provide a quality product at a reasonable price while giving our clients prompt estimates, engineering, production and delivery.  

We are proud of our fine customer service and quality trusses and hope to offer them to you!

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